The MerchantFeeSavers Difference

Our mission is simple: We are the independent trusted source that all business owners can rely on for the truth in the convoluted and perplexing card processing industry. We educate merchants via articles, interviews, presentations, brochures, and “The MerchantFeeSavers Guide to Slashing Your Credit Card Processing Cost“. We help business owners obtain the best processing value. The best processing value not only includes low rates and fees, but also includes putting the terms and conditions on the merchant’s side, making sure the funding cycle is right for the merchant, and ensuring the merchant avoids pitfalls and misleading sales tactics.

MerchantFeeSavers Does NOT Sell Card Processing

We do not sell card processing services. We are not affiliated with any card processors or their salespeople, nor do we receive any compensation or favors from any card processors or their salespeople.

MerchantFeeSavers Fights for Merchants

We educate business owners and provide them the tools to get the best card processing value.

MerchantFeeSavers Provides FREE Statement Audits

We will gladly audit your processing statement for FREE to determine how much you are overpaying plus find other issues that may be costing you money such as incorrect charges. Since we are not affiliated with any processors, merchants can rest assured that their information is held in confidence.

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