"Business owners use accountants to navigate through the convoluted tax structure. Business owners use attorneys to navigate through the convoluted legal system, and I believe business owners should use MerchantFeeSavers to navigate through the convoluted processing fee structure to ensure they get the lowest cost and avoid unfavorable Terms and Conditions."
-David Sardella - Sardellas Pizza and Wings

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We Understand the Processing Business and Can Help You Get the Best Rates and Fees

Merchants overpay for credit card processing by tens of millions of dollars every year. In addition, the convoluted rate structure along with the misleading tactics used by many in the card processing industry make it almost impossible for a merchant to know if he or she actually has the lowest possible processing cost or favorable terms and conditions when accepting credit cards for business. MerchantFeeSavers was founded by industry veteran to educate, protect, and provide merchants with the tools to obtain the lowest possible processing cost and best terms and conditions.
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