Client Testimonials

“I find your services more than helpful, I find a ‘peace of mind’ knowing there is someone on my side.  Your services are a great value to our business and we will continue to use and promote your services into the future.”

Matthew Gatof DVM – The Cat Hospital of Ft Myers

“I have known Bob for over 20 years and I am one of the reasons he started a company to help merchants lower their processing costs.  In fact, I am the one who suggested the company simply be called “MerchantFeeSavers.” I own a chain of pizzerias and like other merchants, my expertise is in running by business not in decoding merchant statements or mastering the complex nature of the credit card processing industry. Fortunately, I had Bob on my side. Over the years, he has helped me separate truth from clever sales tactics, steered me away from onerous Terms & Conditions, and has made sure my rates and fees were very low and continually reduced as my business grew. Business owners use accountants to navigate through the convoluted tax structure. Business owners use attorneys to navigate through the convoluted legal system, and I believe business owners should use MerchantFeeSavers to navigate through the convoluted processing fee structure to ensure they get the lowest cost and avoid unfavorable Terms and Conditions.”

David Sardella – Sardella Pizza and Wings

We chose to have MerchantFeeSavers renegotiate with our existing processor versus conduct a blind bid with other processors because we were satisfied with our processor’s service but still wanted to lower our processing cost.  The renegotiation process was straight forward and took very little of our own time.  MerchantFeeSavers also conducted follow up audits and uncovered that the processor was mistakenly charging us additional fees that we would not have been able to determine on our own.  MerchantFeeSavers worked to eliminate those additional fees plus have the processor refund us for the overcharges.   In the end, MerchantFeeSavers saved us over $12,000 per year.  We definitely believe that MerchantFeeSavers offers a very beneficial service for OMSNIC members.

Heath H. Evans, DDS – Eastern Oklahoma Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

“Great Bob, Thank you so much for your help. I am going to tell my colleagues about your services!”

Dr. Scott Cohen, Drs. Horvat & Cohen, PLLC Winter Park, FL

“We found that MerchantFeeSavers lived up to its slogan of “Experts on the Merchant’s Side.”  They truly worked on our behalf to choose the best company for our needs.  It was also very comforting to know that MerchantFeeSavers did not sell processing services and was not affiliated with any processing companies and did not receive any compensation from any processing companies.

MerchantFeeSavers first audited our statements for free.  They then offered to either renegotiate with our bank or conduct a professional Request for Proposal for a very reasonable one-time fee.  We decided to use their Request for Proposal service after seeing the audit results.

They sent out a detailed Request for Proposal form which required the processing companies to disclose all of their fees as well as critical terms & conditions information.  MerchantFeeSavers then compiled the results into an easy to understand format for us.  We chose a couple companies to speak with after reviewing the offers.  MerchantFeeSavers set up the conference calls and moderated them to make sure we understood every aspect of each offer.

In the end we chose a company with a much lower cost, no termination fee, and one that could help us with PCI compliance.  We are extremely happy with our choice of processing companies and with MerchantFeeSavers. MerchantFeeSavers saved us $1000s more per year than our bank was willing to offer us on our own.”

Juliana Rybicki – Lighting Showcase

“Thanks for your fine help with this! We have little experience in the complex world of merchant processing.  We could have spent countless hours researching to educate ourselves and still wouldn’t have been confident that we had achieved a fair agreement with our merchant processor.  Your advice made the process stress-free and easy to navigate.  This is the second time we’ve engaged your services, and it won’t be the last.”

Tim Kind, President – Backcountry Edge, Inc

Bob saved me a lot of money and was always ready to answer my questions. I would recommend him anytime!

Annette Herbst, DVM – All Pets Medical Center

“We’ve been very happy with the savings you’ve helped us achieve. I’ve sent out a high recommendation to members of the co-working space I’m affiliated with.”

Buck Melton – Argonaut Software

“I had MerchantFeeSavers conduct a free audit of my current processing costs.  Their audit concluded that I was overpaying by a significant amount and they gave me suggestions on how to lower my costs.  MerchantFeeSavers did not try to steer me toward any processor but instead was very informative and helpful.  I decided to stay with my current processor and asked MerchantFeeSavers conduct the negotiations strategy.  They did an excellent job.  I learned a great deal about the surreptitious nature of credit card processing and believe that all merchants really do need MerchantFeeSavers on their side when working with these processors.  I simply could not have obtained the savings I did without MerchantFeeSavers.”

Steve Kirchhof – BetterHealthInnovations

“MerchantFeeSavers conducted a free audit of our credit card processing statements.  It turned out that we were already getting very good rates with our processor, but instead of trying to sell us unnecessary services, he simply pointed out areas where we could improve, even though the savings were only a few hundred dollars annually.  This is a mark of integrity – MerchantFeeSavers is truly on the side of the merchant.”

Lindsay Hill, Sundesa LLC

“As an experienced owner of a veterinary hospital I thought I had pretty good control of my expenses, yet the recession forced me to look at EVERYTHING. One expense that I had not evaluated for a number of years was credit card processing. Obviously, it is important that credit card processing costs be kept to a minimum, yet I had accepted my current processors fees, until I finally realized that I could get a better pricing structure. Therefore, I interviewed several merchant account providers and had them bid for my business.   Each provider had their own fee structure and slant on why their program was better for me and my hospital.   I tried to compile and compare the various providers’ information, yet each provider had their own complex format and agreements, which made it very difficult to compare apples to oranges. After spending hours of my valuable time, I knew that I had to make a change, yet was confused by the information provided to me from the various vendors. I decided to turn to at MerchantFeeSavers for help. I was very impressed with his methodical approach to ensuring all rates and fees were fully disclosed.  I asked Bob to conduct a blind bid for my credit card processing service.In the end, I chose one of providers that had previously interviewed for my processing service.   However, the processing cost they quoted through the MerchantFeeSavers bid process was substantially less than the cost they had initially quoted me.In addition to helping my veterinary hospital obtain much lower credit card processing costs, Bob has conducted follow-up audits of my statements, help settle a few problems and he continues to provide on-going card processing information that is helpful to my business.  I would recommend MerchantFeeSavers to other Veterinarians and any other small business that accepts credit and debit cards.”

Kent Littlehale, DVMSanta Clara Animal Hospital

“Thank you MerchantFeeSavers for showing us how to save over $10,000 per year on our credit and debit card processing.   We are a family owned business and simply did not have the time or the knowledge to determine if we were being overcharged for our card processing. Your service was quick and you pinpointed exactly how much we were overpaying. I like the fact that you did not steer us toward any specific credit card processor, but instead you allow the merchant to choose the best processing value based on the savings, Terms and Conditions, and service.” Jennie Gilbert – Retailer Web Services
Thanks for all your help Bob.  Your service has been worth every penny. I’ll be sure to recommend you to all of my retailer friends.”

Tim King, President Backcountry Edge, Inc.

“Just like every other merchant, I have credit card salespeople continually coming into my salon. Each one has a different sales pitch, but all think they can lower my rate. Credit cards are expensive and the fees are confusing, but I also realize I need to accept them to grow my business. Therefore, I called on MerchantFeeSavers to review my credit card rates. I chose MerchantFeeSavers because I found out they help the merchant in this area. They did not pressure me to make changes or give me a sales pitch. They reviewed my current rates and credit card equipment and recommended I stay with both my current processor and terminal. I like the fact that they showed me how much my processor was making on my account each month. They also explained why no other processor could save me more than $100 per year at my current rates. It just gives me great comfort to be certain that I am not overpaying for my card processing and that I can tell any salesperson that walks through the door–“Thanks, but MerchantFeeSavers has already reviewed my business and I’m good.”

Kelda Toliver – Cliché

I wanted to thank you for the great job you did for us, it was not just the better price (that was great of course!) but the great service you provided to me personally. As an executive of a very fast growing company I can tell you every minute I spend analyzing areas I am not familiar with is time I am stealing from the business at large. Your services are appreciated.


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