Stop Padding Your Merchant Providers Profits

Credit/debit card Processing Statement Audit Why should you have MerchantFeeSavers audit your processing statement?Expertise – MerchantFeeSavers is uniquely qualified to audit your statements.  Our experts have audited thousands of statements from virtually every merchant service provider.  We not only audit your statements to determine how much you are overpaying because of your pricing plan, but we also investigate unnecessary costs due to improper or cryptic fees, erroneous order entry and account setup by your provider, incorrect interchange funding processes, plus unnecessary costs that may caused by your own staff and procedures. Trust – MerchantFeeSavers is not affiliated with any card processors or their salespeople, nor do we receive any compensation or favors from any card processors or their salespeople.  We are 100% on the business owner’s side.  Our mission is simple:  We are an independent trusted source that all business owners can rely on for the truth in the convoluted and perplexing card processing industry.   We educate and help merchants obtain the best card processing value via presentations, consulting, articles, interviews, and “The MerchantFeeSavers Guide to Slashing Your Credit Card processing Cost.” “MerchantFeeSavers conducted a free audit of our credit card processing statements.  It turned out that we were already getting very good rates with our processor, but instead of trying to sell us unnecessary services, he simply pointed out areas where we could improve, even though the savings were only a few hundred dollars annually.  This is a mark of integrity – MerchantFeeSavers is truly on the side of the merchant” -Lindsay Hill, Sundesa LLCConfidential – No one besides the merchant and MerchantFeeSavers staff sees the merchant’s processing statements and the audit results. Results – Many merchants do not realize that are overpaying.  Many have been convinced by their salesperson or provider that they are properly priced because they are on an “Interchange Plus” pricing plan or “Cost Plus” pricing plan or a “Tiered” pricing plan or any number of pricing plans.  The truth is there are merchants that are overpaying on every pricing plan. MerchantFeeSavers audits expose any and all types of overcharges to the merchant. “I had MerchantFeeSavers conduct a free audit of my current processing costs.  Their audit concluded that I was overpaying by a significant amount and they gave me suggestions on how to lower my costs.  MerchantFeeSavers did not try to steer me toward any processor but instead was very informative and helpful.  I decided to stay with my current processor and asked MerchantFeeSavers conduct the negotiations strategy.  They did an excellent job.  I learned a great deal about the surreptitious nature of credit card processing and believe that all merchants really do need MerchantFeeSavers on their side when working with these processors.  I simply could not have obtained the savings I did without MerchantFeeSavers.”  Steve Kirchhof – Every merchant should have MerchantFeeSavers audit their processing statements.  It’s free, confidential, educational, informative, and may just increase the merchant’s profits substantially.  The most common comment MerchantFeeSavers receives from it merchant clients is that we give them peace of mind. Contact us today!

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